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Newton’s Lab Podcast 0002

Posted by Sir Isaac Newton on April 11, 2010 at 12:00 am

In this episode, we’ll talk about what a religion is, and why you can’t believe everything you read online. We’ll discuss some major beliefs around the world, and what happens when people treat science as a religion.

We’ll also cover a little bit about fictional dinosaurs, broken mousetraps, and bacteria tails. Then we’ll wrap up with some thoughts about some popular arguments for Intelligent Design. All this and more is coming up right around the corner on the Newton’s Lab podcast!


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Duration: 24:18

  • AntSue

    Great Podcast. With so must info available, yes we must be careful what we read or hear.

  • N H

    I found it very interesting to listen to some for me absolutely new point of views. Wish you’d have continued.

    • Troy Eckhardt

      Thank you NH. I was thinking of starting up again this year.

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